Ipoh trip  

the word according to Sharon P

This post is pretty rusty and old ady..So to keep it simple, short and due to d laggy connection..i've collaged most of d photos taken from my trip to Ipoh 2 weeks ago wif my classmates, Jasper and Anson and my darling Wei wei..

Ipoh is all abt FOOD babeh! And be prepared to put on weight after dis trip..we ate 4-5 meals a day..food not to be missed in Ipoh are certainly the crispy bean sprout and chicken (ngai choi kai), curry chicken bread (chi pao kai), salted chicken (yim kok kai), dim sum, midnight ice-cream + fruit ice blended (my fav!), assam laksa and chicken feet! yum! 2 of my frens dare not to try the chicken feet no matter how hard we've persuaded them and telling them how yummy they were..Anson's interpretation on how to eat chicken feet is juz priceless...shud hav recorded it down n put in on Youtube. haha!

Due to all d food consumption, we had to do burn off all those extra calories..we went to a few temples and caves in Ipoh..now i can only remember Gua Perak..d rest forgotten d names ady..but among all, i like d cave wif d 12 animals shapes most..d view thr is so breathtaking and d air is so fresh and cooling..paradise-like..some sort like d Garden of Eden whr in d olden days, holy ppl used to stay there to meditate n pray..we were also supposed to climb one of d caves which would take around 40 minutes but thanks to d rain, we didnt climb it..so glad becoz im afraid of heights, wad to say suffering more than half hours to test my fear..*phew*

All in all, it's a wonderful trip wif great travel friends..looking forward to more trips around west msia again before graduation~~ XD

Lovely fireflies...  

the word according to Sharon P

Sorry for the late posting lately...i've been super busy, not wif my study schedule definitely(coz im having almost stress-free classes), but mostly on my final year project (thesis), ped ass, trip to ipoh, wkends at melaka and frens' bday celebrations...

Anyways, last week my fren brought me to dis place called Kuantan Village at Kuala Selangor, somewhr quite outskirt of KL city, to watch fireflies.. Yea fireflies~~!! I didnt noe it was reli dat far and it took us almost an hour to reach d place..on d way thr we were met wif not once, not twice but THRICE, a herd of bulls and cows chewing on roadside grass, dat looked pretty pissed and mad at us and seemed ready to attack us at any moment..

Thank God we've survived unharmed!! *phew* When we reached the firefly farm, it was dead silent and pretty dark, gloomy surrounding...a pin drop could be heard loud n clear..so we went to the jetty and told the Pakcik we wanted to go for a round and he told us it's RM40 per ride. After wearing the stinky life jacket, we got into the sampan, manually rowed by another Pakcik and started off our journey~~~~ According to him, not as much fireflies would be coming out after a heavy downpour..therefore, dat day it was right after a heavy rain, so d trees wasnt as brightly lighted as it would be..nonetheless, it was still very lovely and amazing..almost fantasy-like..and it's like brightly decorated X'mas trees..one thing to take note is we're not allowed to catch any fireflies wadsoeva ways and bring them home secretly, altho' i have d thought n intention to do so..pif! i've managed to catch a few fireflies and their neon light appears to be greenish yellow. be careful not to press on them coz they r such fragile n soft creatures.

Got dis lovely pic off a website but i've forgotten which d. =.=
So this is the view we saw right there, at that moment.

cool hand bag!  

the word according to Sharon P

BEHOLD! All hail dis cool + cute handbag!! Small, sleek and highly convenient to be carried around...can fit ur hp, make-up, keys, tissue paper, etc etc..

Unzip it and TA DAH!

It doesnt only look nice from d outer but also nice inside out! Got another compartment inside sumore. Cool aye??

Found dis hidden treasure @ KIA...@ RM40+ if not mistaken..see if ur lucky enuf 2 spot it! XP

day before returning 2 KL  

the word according to Sharon P

my short holiday of 2 weeks is finally coming 2 an end..:( not enuf time! too many things 2 do, too lil time..met up wif Ping for lunch and i was longing to hav curry chicken rice but when we reached d place it was sold out d. it was only 12.30 lei. d other stall no nid 2 mention..wud be sold out even earlier. Kch ppl reli like to eat curry chicken rice hor..sheesh!

So we went to Crowne Sq to try out dis Indonesian restaurant called Pondok Laguna. Walk in thru d side entrance of Mr.Ho's Fine Foods and u'll c d restaurant waiting for u directly right in front. Spoiled by choice with their wide selection of menu, we've finally decided to order these:

watermelon + honey dew + milk + froggie egg.
notice on d right is d Indonesian 'achar'. nth compared to our local achar.

my kedondong juice. super nice n refreshing.
(dis is not in d menu, d waitress recommended it)

traditional rice bucket. so unique.

sambal sotong. quite spicy but delish.

grilled fish. very spicy but its nice. HUGE.

crispy tofu + vegetables + spicy sauce. HUGE.

too nice 2 be eaten

everything's reli spicy here. Indonesian food r well known to be spicy. If u can't stand d heat, Pondok Laguna isnt d place for u to be. D place is quite underrated i tink coz d place is reli empty at d time we went. Food is nice and quite cheap as well. Will visit again d nxt time i crave for sth 2 spice up d day. ;)